Tuesday, 4 August 2020

how to earn money from you tube ?

YouTube is an another platform to earn money in part time because if you have leisure time then you can start your YouTube channel 

I hope most of the YouTube channel owners earningmoney from home.

I will discuss one by one here how yo make money from your part time to convert in to money earning.

Most of the blog create rs also making money but its another opportunity to make it possible for you 

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Freelancer work in part time at home

How to select a Freelance Site?

I hardly work for online jobs through my freelancer website in part time.  Which help me a lot to work online jobs at home in my part time?  Its really help me out to make it possible for me.

I have found many websites for freelancer job but I could reach real people through this following website which help to work in online?

How do we find the freelancer work?

You can select a category which is related to your skill then you can post your profile their.  After that you can find many jobs which are available in your category to work for online jobs.

Also you can browse your contents, you can browser your projects through select your category which help you to find the right job for your skill level.

you can find the private chat with your clients or consinor or consignee to get job for your skill level.  I really enjoyed to work in my category level work and its quit interesting for me to work at home.

You can find the link below to make it possible for you dear friends :

Freelance Jobs at Home  

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Selling Mobiles in part time

How to sell mobile phone in part time?

I had an experience when I went to foreign country last year.  One of my friends asked to buy a iphone 7 and then I bought it for 499 USD but I sell it on 550 usd.  So I have got a huge income through selling it.  If you have one or two mobile in your luggage then it will be very easy to handle it to come out from Indian Airport Authorities.

So I have two mobiles which bought by my friends after sometime I used to go abroad to buy something to sell which was saved my travelling expenses.  After long time, I used to get some pieces in my baggage then it's also very useful to me to sell it. 

After a year, I was registered my company name to sell my iphones and other phones through leading websites.  Now I have improved my selling and buying mobiles through online. 

How should we get products through baggage?

If you want to buy some mobile phones or any product like ipad, cameras and memory cards and many to put it in baggage.  It will be giving some duty reductions when it will give small duty exemption.  So you can sell it after clearing your goods as baggage.

Sometimes, it's very difficult to clear your shipments when you have battery items or only battery items in the baggage.  So be careful to check with travel agent people before you buy the products.  I hope you understand my words to use it for making real business for you in your part time.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How to make real income from home?

How to make real income from home?

It's needy hour for making real part time income from home because we need more money to run a month as a middle class people.   I hope people really need to know that to get real income from home when we have free time or in our part time.   Most of the people need to get real income when we have a part time.

What are the ideas to manage our income?

I am very  much aware of part time income from home because of my monthly salary need not sufficient for my monthly expenses.  So I just want to plan for making real income from home through part time.  Then only we plan for it like below :

Sell vegetables in my part time :

I and my friends were planned to get vegetables from agricultural forms nearby.  Then we were coming to nearby city to sell it for small profit.  We happily did this job to get our part time income. 
We visited a village to buy brinjals, ladies fingers, onion, potatos and tomatos from them.  After reaching a nearby city then we stopped one area to sell it to the people to get real income from selling vegetables.  Now we really got handsome income in it.

Sell milk in our part time :

After long time to earn money from home to start a milk store in our village.  So now we need to start organic milk store to sell milks and its related products.  Now we are getting real income through this milk store.

Sell water cane in our part time :

Also we are dealing another products to sell purified water cane to the nearby home.  I am very much impressed to sell this water can to real income through another resources.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Part Time Social Worker

What kind of Social work in Part Time?
Social work is an opportunity to meet new people who is really need it to solve their issues.  It might be smaller one or big one but you should adopt them to solve their issues.  Most of the social works should work for free in your time.  At the same time, it should give you the heart feeling like in heaven when we see the happiness of others?

Mother Teresa was the best example to do social work in India.  She did fantastic job in this field and earn good name like Mother of the people in the world.  So this is an opportunity to serve to the people.  Which may gives you real happiness?  I hope you understand the feeling.

Part Time Work at NGO?

Many of the NGO's are giving you the opportunity to work for part time at their place, when you have time you can join with them to serve the people?  Some NGO's can give money but some of them need free of service.  I hope people can understand the need then they can spend their time to service to the society.

Rotary Clubs are doing huge social work worldwide.  More than 205 countries they are doing social work for the people.  The best example would like to say that they are closely watching "Polio Eradication" in the world last year.  Still they are doing Polio Immunisation to the world on January and February of every year.

Lions Club are doing really good work in Blood Bank savings and many which might be having huge success on their social involvement.  Also they are doing some health camp at villages to check the people's health and give treatment.

We can't live with out society :

We need to live in the society at the same time the society should be healthy and wealthy.  Otherwise, it is very difficult to live in the earth.  So we need to support to the social work at least in your part time.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Personal blog to be integrated with your business website

After long time I am planning to write song, story and my own life experience which may help me to get real part time income through this writing capabilities.  I think you can create your own blog to express yourself which may give new experience to you all.  Also you can write open diary on everyday basis to explore your experience here.

How will it works?  If you have your business then you can integrate your website link in your blog and also to write about you everyday in your blog.  Then you can find real unique readers to your blog through that you can get new customers to your business too.

It may be share your thought to your friends and new upcoming readers so it just help you to give new of part time jobs.  I hope you understand what I want to tell you?  You should have your own blog in blogger or wordpress or any other blog websites.  You should interlink between your blog and your business website which help you to get the backlinks in both of your weblog and website.

Now I really enjoyed to get real business through my blogs which are integrated with my business websites.  Its really help me to get new customers to my business too.  It is very easy to do this system to make it possible for you.  thanks a lot!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Is Part Time Jobs really works?

I am really excited to know about part time jobs, how its works?  This is the biggest question by many people in India.  Not only in India, worldwide it happens to share the basic needs of part time jobs.  Most of the people who need to work for online jobs in part time.  They need to know how to work for online jobs in part time.

In my point of view, yes its really works.  But the question is to know the way and understand the method of part time jobs.  I was singing at evening times once upon a time but now I don't have time for it.  Also I have joined in a hotel in Chennai near Saidapet railway station which help me a lot to earn money.

After that I have got a job in Shipping and Logistics company which help me to get satisfied income.  Nowadays I need to share my ideas about it because it will be very useful for the people who needs it.  Also I don't have time to work in part time but I can help the people who wants to work in online or offline.  That's why I write this blog.?

One of my friends, who wants to work as a farmer in part time and he bought an acre land near by Chennai outer area.  Now he also bought five cows and he maintains it in the land and selling milk in the local area.  I was shocked to know that he can get more income than expect.

Many people have their own idea to implement it to make it possible for them.  I suggest to you all to try to create your place in the world and part of it to make it possible for you.  I hope to give new idea by next time to meet you all.