Thursday, 13 June 2013

What is ultimate meaning of Part Time Job?

I don't think the part time job is less than work 35 hours in a week time which is called the real meaning.  Other than that the people who need this kind of job is students, parents, housewives, un-employee, who need to get full time job, and many full time employee also wants to work in part time.

Most of the leading companies also need a flexible job opportunity for the part timer because whenever they need to remove them then they will stop them.  So it is very easy to handle the staff inflation and job opportunity to the concern.  Also if they have improved good in business then they may appoint new people or the part timer as a new employee to this same concern.

Still I am seeking about the ultimate meaning of part time jobs because no matter to write about it but people are concluded in several ways about it.  I hope to get more information about the ultimate meaning of it then I need to write something about it.

Most of the big organizations are supplemented the vacancy through the part time because they need to search a skill labour for the right post.  I very much interested to get a skill person for the right post which help us to save time and money to improve our organization.

Another step of an employee who are working as part timer who gets experience while working as part timer then he will get experience certificate from them to improve his skill to get another full time job.

So I really hope to get the ultimate meaning of part time jobs which help us to work for it when we have free time in the big and small organizations.