Monday, 11 November 2013

Is Freelance Jobs scam or not?

Is Freelance Jobs scam or not?

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Part Time Jobs at home

I am happy to write about part time jobs from home and now I have created a blog for part time jobs in 2004.  It was stopped by someone and I have found some spam and other problem in that blog.  Now I would like to start a blog six months before and now I am working on it.

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

What is ultimate meaning of Part Time Job?

I don't think the part time job is less than work 35 hours in a week time which is called the real meaning.  Other than that the people who need this kind of job is students, parents, housewives, un-employee, who need to get full time job, and many full time employee also wants to work in part time.

Most of the leading companies also need a flexible job opportunity for the part timer because whenever they need to remove them then they will stop them.  So it is very easy to handle the staff inflation and job opportunity to the concern.  Also if they have improved good in business then they may appoint new people or the part timer as a new employee to this same concern.

Still I am seeking about the ultimate meaning of part time jobs because no matter to write about it but people are concluded in several ways about it.  I hope to get more information about the ultimate meaning of it then I need to write something about it.

Most of the big organizations are supplemented the vacancy through the part time because they need to search a skill labour for the right post.  I very much interested to get a skill person for the right post which help us to save time and money to improve our organization.

Another step of an employee who are working as part timer who gets experience while working as part timer then he will get experience certificate from them to improve his skill to get another full time job.

So I really hope to get the ultimate meaning of part time jobs which help us to work for it when we have free time in the big and small organizations.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Part Time Jobs From Home

 An employment that is carried for few hours per week is defined as part time job. One of the predominant factors to influence part time jobs is individual personal desire. The strive for individual desire to earn money for lavish spending navigate them to the source of part time jobs. irrespective of the age groups  a part time job can train the importance of earning money and let them know the value of  money. So that they can use  their money effectively.For example a college student wants to fulfill his needs he/she no longer needs to depend on his parents to accomplish  his needs.The second reason is that having a part time job, we will have the working experience and have the chance to adapt the different relationship between classmates and colleagues better than the others.

  Having the working experience can help people find their ideal job more easily in the future. And the people can also learn how to deal with the problems that may face  in their future working environment.
Third, people can also expand their interpersonal relationship by having a part time job. In the recent year, interpersonal relationship has become the most important factor in our working environment. If we want to maintain a better and a good relationship with our colleagues or friends, part time jobs serves us better.They indirectly build a good adjustment behavioral factor in us which will lead to better interpersonal relationship.  

The ability to respond to many kinds of circumstances is really important in any job, and taking a job when people are young turns them into skillful employees. For example, a student tutor can have chance to practice to be a teacher in future; students working as sale assistants not only know about the way to sell many products but also learn the method of managing and controlling the whole business from their bosses. So, taking a job beside studying is a good choice for the young to solidify their position in the future job. 

In addition to it students can understand the learned concepts through the practical implementation of the concepts in the job.  For example In addition, when doing a part-time job, students can practice the lesson got from classes. Knowledge got from teachers is never enough. Students can only understand the meaning but they never understand the application of it. Students who study about economy can practice their knowledge by cooperating with a company. In this way, they can understand how managers calculate the net present value or how they can operate their companies to get bigger profit, or how they calculate the risks as well as the chances so that the companies can avoid encountering fiascoes. 

Another example, learning English with people who have the same nationality with you is never enough, and taking a job requiring a good demand of English can make it up, you can practice English with foreigners by working as a part-time tour guide, translator or interpreter. Knowing the application of the knowledge got from books is the most necessary part of studying, and a part-time job can help you in such case. To sum up, I can say that doing a part-time job does students good. They can get more experience for future job, practice the lesson got from classes and grow up. For the reasons I have mentioned, I am going to seek a job for my self and do it with all my best to grow out of my own ebullient thought and action.