Saturday, 10 December 2016

Personal blog to be integrated with your business website

After long time I am planning to write song, story and my own life experience which may help me to get real part time income through this writing capabilities.  I think you can create your own blog to express yourself which may give new experience to you all.  Also you can write open diary on everyday basis to explore your experience here.

How will it works?  If you have your business then you can integrate your website link in your blog and also to write about you everyday in your blog.  Then you can find real unique readers to your blog through that you can get new customers to your business too.

It may be share your thought to your friends and new upcoming readers so it just help you to give new of part time jobs.  I hope you understand what I want to tell you?  You should have your own blog in blogger or wordpress or any other blog websites.  You should interlink between your blog and your business website which help you to get the backlinks in both of your weblog and website.

Now I really enjoyed to get real business through my blogs which are integrated with my business websites.  Its really help me to get new customers to my business too.  It is very easy to do this system to make it possible for you.  thanks a lot!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Is Part Time Jobs really works?

I am really excited to know about part time jobs, how its works?  This is the biggest question by many people in India.  Not only in India, worldwide it happens to share the basic needs of part time jobs.  Most of the people who need to work for online jobs in part time.  They need to know how to work for online jobs in part time.

In my point of view, yes its really works.  But the question is to know the way and understand the method of part time jobs.  I was singing at evening times once upon a time but now I don't have time for it.  Also I have joined in a hotel in Chennai near Saidapet railway station which help me a lot to earn money.

After that I have got a job in Shipping and Logistics company which help me to get satisfied income.  Nowadays I need to share my ideas about it because it will be very useful for the people who needs it.  Also I don't have time to work in part time but I can help the people who wants to work in online or offline.  That's why I write this blog.?

One of my friends, who wants to work as a farmer in part time and he bought an acre land near by Chennai outer area.  Now he also bought five cows and he maintains it in the land and selling milk in the local area.  I was shocked to know that he can get more income than expect.

Many people have their own idea to implement it to make it possible for them.  I suggest to you all to try to create your place in the world and part of it to make it possible for you.  I hope to give new idea by next time to meet you all.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Part Time Jobs through Mobile Sales

I hope to write about Part Time Jobs through mobile sales which help us to know about mobile and its related business.  Most of the people now buying touch phones through online and offline.  If you want to know about this business then you will be able to sell it in your local area.  You can start this shop at your home itself to make it possible for you.

I am trying to buy some of the leading mobiles like Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia and main brands in the wholesale companies in chennai to get better rates then I can sell it in my village or near by villages.  So I can earn more than Ten Thousand Rupees per month.  Also now I have planned to start new website for selling my mobile through online stores to start a new my own website.

After that I was meeting with my website designer company in Saidapet then I have discussed with them to start my online store.  Within in ten days my websites might be ready and to start my new business. You can also make it possible for you all to reach online viral searching people who are all searching about mobile products.

If you have proper plan then you can earn more money through online or offline.  Most of them wanted to make money online through blog writing, SEO, Viral websites, video websites and many but they cannot reach people in the right way.

Now I am having new business plans to be added in this blog which might be very useful for all to make huge money through online.  So wait my blog post soon to get new ideas.