Sunday, 30 December 2012

Part Time Job by 7th std girl

I have seen a seventh standard girl at Coimbatore who was selling kerchief near leading hotel.  He was asked me to buy kerchief and I just asked her about his life.  She told me about her that she is studying 7th standard in Govt Higher secondary school.  Then I was shocked then I have bought 12 kerchief from her for Rs.200.00.  I told her to study well to go to next level.

I have found from this experience many girls and boys under fifteen years are working in part time job in many towns in India to sell many products but most of the college students might not be trying anything.  At the same time they need a good job from the leading BPO companies.  So I never have seen like that girl who is named as Swetha.

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Why should we work in part time?

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